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Investing with JITTA: A New Paradigm

You should familiarize yourself with JITTA if you're an investor seeking a novel, technologically advanced stock analysis, and portfolio management approach. With various solid features, JITTA is a revolutionary investing solution aiming to improve consumer returns. It is made for both novices and seasoned professionals, and its tools can aid investors in developing innovative plans for achieving financial success.

Describe JITTA.

The JITTA Score and the JITTA Line are two essential investing criteria JITTA displays after analyzing complex financial data. On a scale from 0 to 10, the Jitta number measures the business quality of companies, with a higher number signifying a better company. The Jitta Line denotes a company's fair pricing; the further the price deviates from the Jitta Line, the greater the investment margin of safety. These two elements work together to determine a company's position on the Jitta list, a list of exceptional businesses that charge reasonable prices. It's interesting to note that since 2009, the Jitta Ranking Top 30 has outperformed the S&P 500.

Critical Characteristics of JITTA: Convenience and Accessibility

JITTA enables you to travel with 30,000 stocks. Observe a fascinating enterprise. Through their mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android, you can instantly check its Jitta Score, Jitta Line, and Jitta Ranking to find "a wonderful company at a fair price" in 29 countries worldwide.

A rapid business analysis

Users can save time and effort using the Jitta Wise function, available only on mobile devices, to quickly summarize a company's business and critical financial facts.

Instantaneous Updates

You can follow firms on JITTA and get alerts when their JITTA Score and JITTA Line change, when fresh financials are issued, or both.

Finding investment possibilities

JITTA provides you with leads on potential hidden gem possibilities by ranking high-quality, undervalued businesses in 29 countries.

Custom and predefined investing strategies

With only a few clicks, you may uncover stocks in all different categories, from dividend to growth to turnaround, thanks to JITTA's preset screening parameters. Alternatively, you can develop your investment plan because JITTA enables you to filter companies using more than 100 criteria, such as critical financial statistics and market patterns.

Complete financial information

JITTA saves you from sifting through countless financial reports by compiling the company's financial data for the previous ten years and quarters.


You can include your preferred financial indicators and arrange them however you think. Financials are updated within two days after filing, guaranteeing that you have access to the most recent information.

Company Health Evaluation

You can quickly evaluate a firm's performance and choose the best investment option thanks to JITTA's ability to generate relative changes and trend lines.

Portfolio Management

With JITTA's all-encompassing tool, you may track investments made in various nations and currencies, evaluate the strength of your portfolio, and adjust your investing plan using gain and loss indicators.

In conclusion, JITTA offers a complete and user-friendly toolkit that may assist you in developing the most intelligent financial success methods, regardless of your experience level.

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